The Pastoral Council is the principal consultative body in the parish and is governed by norms established by the Diocese of La Crosse. It concerns itself with all pastoral issues of the parish, including issues of Family Life, Religious Education, Sacred Worship, and Justice and Peace. The Music Group and the Finance Council both also have a representative at the Pastoral Council meetings.
Council members:
  • Kris Brueggen
  • Phyllis Krause
  • Parker Moore – appointed – Vice Chair
  • Pat Peterson – Chair
  • Cathy Poshepny
  • Dennis Vinger
  • Melanie Halvorson (Representative of Finance Council)
  • PCCW Representative – ex officio
  • Dcn. Tony Shay – ex officio

Agenda Committee:   

Corporate Board Member:  Dan Kiedinger (Secretary)

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

3.6.2024 ABVM PC Minutes

1.10.2024 ABVM PC Minutes

11.15.2023 ABVM Pastoral Council Minutes

9.27.2023 ABVM PC Minutes

8.2.2023 ABVM PC Minutes

6.21.2023 ABVM PC Minutes

5.11.2023 ABVM PC Minutes

3.1.2023 ABVM PC Minutes

1.11.2023 ABVM PC Minutes

ABVM PC Minutes 12.7.2022

ABVM PC Minutes 10.26.2022

ABVM PC Minutes 9.7.2022

Pastoral Council Minutes 7.6.2022

June 1, 2022 Joint Pastoral Finance Council Minutes

May 11 2022 joint pastoral finance council minutes

Feb 2022 Council Minutes

Dec 1 2021 Council Minutes

Oct 6 2021 Council minutes

May 20 2021 council minutes

Nov 19, 2020 council minutes