The Parish Finance Council is also consultative in nature and is governed by norms established by the Diocese of La Crosse. The Finance Council assists the pastor in forming good policies for the administration of the parish’s temporal goods, that is, its financial resources, and building and grounds. ┬áIt meets bi-monthly to review transactions of the past month, to discuss any issues with the parish physical facilities, and it drafts an annual budget.

Parish Finance Council Members

  • President – Vacant
  • Rotating Pastoral Council Member (Representative from Pastoral Council)
  • Vacant (Secretary)
  • Paul O’Rourke
  • Rhonda Kiedinger (Representative to Pastoral Council)
  • Melanie Halvorson
  • Matt Bomkamp
  • Corporate Board Member: Dale Pertzborn (Treasurer)
Finance Council Minutes:

May 11 2022 joint pastoral finance council minutes

Finance Council Minutes December 16 2021

Oct 6 2021 Finance Council Minutes

Finance Council Minutes February 17 2022

Finance Council Meeting Minutes Apr 2022