RE Families - Please feel free to access Sophia Institute's complimentary PDF, October_2020_TLY_Full_Lesson - 'Teaching the Liturgical Year'. Lessons are divided by lower or upper grade levels for easy reference. Whole Family engagement is the best way to pass on our faith. Give it a try!

Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike Schmitz is a charasmatic, fun-loving, approachable and sometimes crazy man who loves Jesus and His Church.  I knew Fr. Mike before he was a "Father" and even then, this vibrant soul was capturing hearts for Jesus in the most unassuming and charitable ways. Want to meet Fr. Mike Schmitz? Visit him at Ascension Presents and enjoy his quick but concise blurbs answering all your questions about the faith!

Matt Maher

I was introduced to Matt Maher and his beautiful voice when living in Phoenix. I was a CORE member for my roommate's LIFETEEN youth group in Central Phoenix. Every Sunday night, youth from all over the valley would get together for an evening of prayer, worship, adoration, benediction and Matt lead the music. He has since crossed the barrier into mainstream christian music, as one of the most respected Catholic contemporary musicians of our time. Take a listen: